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Avoid Building MistakesWe are sure that you would appreciate Bill’s advice or recommendation on some of your questions and that’s why we created this section called “Ask Bill”. Here you may ask anything you want to know when building YOUR perfect dream house. Bill will be more than happy to answer all your questions and to provide you with helpful and valuable information.

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Bleaching Oil for Cedar Siding

Staining cedar siding I was on a job site the other day and we were reviewing the transformation that occurs when you add a stain to cedar siding.  The contractor had built a sample wall and we were discussing the process. He indicated that the siding would be... read more

Soldier Course: Word of the Week

A soldier course is a row of bricks laid vertically with the long narrow side of the brick exposed. You’ll often see the soldier course around a door or window as way to accentuate the trim and define the transition between wall and opening. Or it can act as the transition between two materials, as seen in the picture.

read more

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